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Friday, November 6, 2015

Chatroulette for smartphone: a real Android App free to use!

Wanna use your smartphone for have fun in a chatroulette without use your Desktop PC? If you have an android phone this is really possible and is total free.
Chatrolette for mobile phone

This App, that you will fin in Google Play Store, is called Chat Alternative, and work as the classic Chatroulette you can find on the web, but this application is optimized for work well on small display, like smartphone and is full compatible with Android OS.
If you wanna meet new people from your country, of just from all the world, male, female, girls, boys, women, men etc, Chat Alternative look a really good Chattroulette application for smartphone.
This random video chat is free, but you can buy some elements in the App for a total of max 8 dollars (may be you need if you wanna have a premium service), but the base of the application, mean see random people from your smartphone, is totaly free.
The advantages of this android application are:
  1. You can use your smartphone frontal camera for show yourselft, and see others; no more boring text message chats with your phone.
  2. The app look pretty fast: you can see different people in few second of loading: you don't have to wait 1-2 min for chat with the next stranger!
  3. This Chatroulette is complete anonymous: noboy will know who you are! Your privacy will be all time safe.
  4. There are a lot of people using it (over 500.000 people have at least installed or tried it)

At moment Chat Alternative, is a good software because Android Users give it a ranking of 3,6/5 star: this mean this chatroulette for smartphone is not perfect but is pretty good for most of users.
If you wanna try it, download it from Google Play Store from your smartphone o from this link

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