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Monday, December 3, 2012

Add a free chatroulette for your web site or blog: Facebuzz

We all know how difficult it is to keep for a while or return people to your web site or blog especially if we are just amateurs in this field.
To help you try to make your website more attractive we make a post about a free chatroulette that you can incorporate into your website, it's possible also to add adsense because the license does not allow it or forbid it.
First of all it must be said that chat is just a clone of the chatroulette created by the famous Russian boy who had a great initial success (a bit like facebook). 
We know that chatroulette have great potential but also limits because the world is full of perverts who always show the private parts in the room; this have drastically reduced the number of girls who frequent this site.
Then we will analyze the chatroulette according to some principles: graphical interface, fast loading, reporting system for abuse, number of people already present, whether or not the girls, the ability to customize chatroulette although free, easy insertion into your site.
Let's start with FaceBuzz chatroulette: 

GUI: very nice clean well made and have a great space for both chat and for the display of your web cam;
Upload speed: is good and take about from 5 - 10 seconds on average if you have already downloaded it from the server is almost instantaneous;
Abuse reporting system: there is a key report that is good to give notice to the person signaled to stop to abuse because the system has been warned;
Number of persons present: very good! There is a pretty good number of people do and is rare have to see the same people at same time; also the search speed is quite good;
Presence or absence of women: poor, there are not many girls; they are under 10% of people inside this chatroulette; although there are few people that show nudity in the cam so it has a good potential for growth;
Personalization capabilities: excellent; you can insert your own personal video with music at the start of the chatroulette, you can insert your own logo within the space of the camera (you will see your logo in the bottom right corner), you can customize the name of both a chatroulette logo is in and the initial message of the conversation logs, you can also choose the language between 4-5 different languages ​​(Italian is not present);
Ability to integrate into your site: very good, is easy to insert the html code and you can choose the size of chatroulette to your liking;
What about the final words for this chatroulette?
Is one of the best because the excellent free chatroulette customization and good presence of people already in the chat. 
All you have to know now how implement it in your web site visit: http://www.facebuzz.com/webmasters/ and learn in few step how install it.

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