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Monday, December 3, 2012

People in Chatroulette: the stats from country, Gender, age

We have finally some stats for show you who and where people connect on chatroulette. Most of this stats are from the 2010 when the chatroulette had  his big success on the web. Most of men that use the chatroulette wanna see, dating or meet girls: is possible do that in the chatroulette or is a fake?

Well i show you some stats that will help you know the situation; first of all we have to show you where people came from:

A stat that show where the chartoulette is most used

As you can see most o people that know the chatroulette are from USA, France a little more others countries. Then if you wanna communicate with them you have to know at least some English or french.
Second you have to know  the gender of people that use this chat ( the most important think you wanna know true?)
Well let see :

A stat that show you how many female and male there are in the chatroulette

That is the true: girls are just about 15-20% of the people that play in the chatroulette world, most of them are male some are bot with no person on the other side of your PC, some are in couple or in groups.
At least we can show you the ages of people in this random chat:

A stats show what age have the people that are using chatroulette

Ok the age look OK: a lot of 20s-30s that mean you will find more adult than young. That mean you can have if you find a nice person a meet, a dating or a nice conversation. And this stats show you that a chatroulette is for all if all of course respect chat rules.

Finlay i can say you that the chatroulette is a innovation in the Internet social world: you can meet, dating, speak, text message with people from all the world and for this you must try it at least one time!

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