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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chatroulette is free or you have to pay for enjoy it?

The chatroulette, the best random chat in the world and it the web is real free or you have to pay something for enjoy it at 100%?

This may be the question that all people that wanna use it can ask on forums or in other websites.
We can say you that at start the first chatroulette, made by a young Russian boy, was completely free and this is worked for around 2 years.

The original chatroulette is free or you have to pay for enjoy it? Lets try also some alternative!

Now the original chatroulette have VIPs users and normal users.
The VIPs users are people that starting pay for buy chatroulette's token, point that help you use new function that normal users not have; those fuction are like selection of random users for age or for gender, from where they from ( example only USA, Germany, Russia, Italy), if use chatroulette for speak for fun with people or also dating.

That mean that Vip users can have a better experience in chatroulette than normal users that will have the possibility to see just random people and can't select better what they wanna see.
Of course also normal user can enjoy this random chat at 100% just they have to wait more time for find people they wanna meet.

If you wanna try an alternative chatroulette that select first users from country then you can try our Chatroulette USA, Germany, Russia and UK.
Here there is more possibility find people from your country than a random chatroulette with a big server but with people from all World.

Also our chat are free to use and respect completely your privacy! Enjoy them and say us what you think posting comments!

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