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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chatroulette and Vips: sure you can find them!

The web is a fantastic way to see your favorite Vips: news, video, photos, and Facebook and Twitter pages can help you to know all you wanna know about your favorite very important person.
One chat that some time can show some Vips is the Chatroulette.
Robbie Williams singing a song in the famous random chat chatroulette
What is Chatroulette? Is just a new and innovative chat, with video/audio communication that show you random person from all the world.
That mean every time you will see new people every time you press a botton called NEXT when you start the chat. If you like the person you see in your video you can stop and start comunicate with him or just press another time NEXT and see what your luky put on your video.
I the chatroulette you can find all type of users: girls, women, boy, men, couple, a party of person or animals and some time also VIPS.
You don't think is possibile? Look This Video:
As you can see the Vip that is using the chatroulette is Robbie Williams the famus singer that is singing a new song in this random chat.
The user of other side record this event with a big surprise.
That show you how chatroulette can surprise all: this is the biggest quality of this chat you will never know who will be on your monitor!
Try then a chatroulette: in our blog we have some for USA, RUSSIA, GERMANY an UK people; international member are also welcome because our chat if free to use and respect your privacy

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