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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Play a joke in the chatroulette: make this face

This is an interesting thing that you can do in the best random chat of the web: the chatroulette.
Normally the quality of a software is made by itself: it mean if a software is well made the people that use it are happy.

With the chatroulette the quality of a chat is made by the users: if people make some of funny all can have a nice chat day. People with fantasy can be innovative and using the chatroulette can show some of new that other have never done.

One of most joke in chatroulette is the " MAKE THIS FACE";  that mean you have to imitate a Face that the other user ask do to for play this game.
Those are some examples of what you can find in this random chat playing the game " Make this Face":

Make this face joke in chatroulette

how people have fun in a random chat

funny day in a chatroulette from random users

 As you can see in the images above all users can make this game and put in difficult other users that wanna play this game in the chatroulette.
Every day you can try this joke in the random chat because you will find a lot of new people that may be they don't know the game and they will be so surprise.

Every random chat can be OK for this fantastic game: just take your web cam connect on chatroulette and play this game! Funny days will wait you:D.

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