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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rando the chatroulette for photos available in the Apple store

Is born a new chatroulette dedicated only for the photos: is called Rando and is already available in the Apple Store for your mobile device.
With Rando people can share and display hundreds and hundreds of different photos: yourself, a road, a cat, a dog, an house: all you want!
The new software for Apple iPhone and iPad for see random pics from all the world
Is not a social network, but you can see random pics from all the world with Rando the new chatroulette for photos

Is similar to a chatroulette because Rando is totally anonymous and you will never know what photos you will see when you press the next button.
This software is not a social network: is a real anti social application!
In fact you can't share photos that other send in the program, you can't condivide them or comment them: you can just see them!
Rando is not certainly with out rules: all the photos that violate the rules, for example photos that may disturb the sensibility of others, or have content not suitable for underage, etc, are promptly deleted and the users are reported.
The photos you see in this software are displayed in a disk-shaped and look as see the image in a key hole of a door: is like give an eye on the world!
The only information you can share in Rando is the location where you did the photo but nothing more.
If you have an Apple Device, such an iPad and iPhone and you wanna try this application you can download directly from the Apple store o from here:RANDO ITUNES

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