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Friday, August 16, 2013

Talk with strangers: the 3 TOP chat online to try in the 2013!

If you wanna know more about people around the world and wanna have some conversation with them, you have to know the 3 most popular chat that are online in Internet.

Of course those chat are for people that love use web cams, because only chat text for them are very boring! Remember then to turn on your web cam when you using those chat online or people will pass you!

The most innovative types of chats that you can find in this last 2/3 years on the web are the chatroulette's social chat, where you can see random strangers on web cams.

Now if you wanna try one of those, what are The 3 TOP chat you can find on Internet?
Here i can show you the last trend in the 2013:
  • First and most popular chat for talk to stranger look at the moment is OMEGLE.COM; here you can see the graphic that show how many people using it:

Omegle at june 2013 got like 20.000.000 of visit in one month
As you can see at this Graphic, Omegle have increased visitors a lot getting like 20.000.000 visit in a month during June 2013;
  • The second most popular chat at moment is CHATROULETTE.COM, that from the best chat online for talk to stranger is become the second in the 2013; look the stats that confirm this:

Chatroulette.com is not more the most popular chat online in the web
Chatroulette.com from 20.000.000 visitors dropped at about 11.100.000 visitors on June 2013; at moment Omegle do like 9.000.000 more visitors in a month than Chatroulette.com.
  • The third most popular chat on the web, but that is far far from the first two places, is CHATRANDOM.COM that look stable and get about 1.000.000/1.500.000 visitors each month; here the graphic:

Chatrandom.com still the 3rd most popular chat in the web but far from first and second place
All those chat, i showed you, are good for talk with strangers because they show you just random people from alla the world during the chat time: you will never know who will be the next person you will see in your monitor.

I think that Omegle and Chatroulette are the most complete social chat in the web; chatrandom is good but you will find less people that respect the chat rules, that mean inappropriate language or naked body.
Also if you wanna try our chatroulette clones you will find some chat in our blog  for speak to German, USA, French, UK and Russia People: just look the link at top of our blog!

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