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Monday, March 24, 2014

Chatroulette is a dating chat? Single can meet a partner for friendship or more?

All know that Internet with chats is one of the most important system in the 21 century to know people from all the world; communication now is everywhere and all can say and see what they need in any time.
Most of people that using chat, like Chatroulette, are looking for know new people of opposite sex; men are looking for a women, women for men, but some time you can meet people that just wanna use a chat for fun and nothing more (of course there are people men with men and women with women!).

Is the chatroulette a good chat for dating? Let see

Is the Chatroulette a good dating system where you can find new friends or if better the love?

All we know that chatroulette is particular chat that show you random people from all the world or from your country and you never know who will be the next; for this is very fun it but may be is not faster and easier chat for get a dating; off curse there is a possibility because the love come when you will never know, but for meet girls or boys, you have to use specific chat for singles like dating sites.

Dating sites is a new way to know people, and only people you wanna really know; think about that over 40 millions of people in 2011-2012 are using this type of chats, and those web sites have increased the volume of their affair from 2007 to 2012 near 2,5X time; that mean that people use more those chats because they really work.

About 17% people in the world have married a partner know from the web using dating services; that mean find the love on Internet is really possible and have a good percentage.
Also people that know partners on the web marry faster than normal couple: the chat then help know better people than in others way?

The statistic in this sector show us that women, that use those chats for dating, most of time don't say all the time the true about weight, age and the height; they also update their account every 1 and half year as medium time; men are different they say their real age, height and weight most of the time and they upgrade faster their account, like every 6 month.

For find a partner dating services, chat for single look good but for have the 100% access on them you have to pay; then look well if you like this system.
Chatroulette in conclusion can be also good for  make friends and find love and is free, but is made for FUN; chat for single with dating service are optimized for find love and make friend and work a lot better, but is not all time free.

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  1. Chatroulette isn't a dating chat, we can use it to know new cultures!