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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Videochat vs Webchat vs Chatroulette what are the difference? What choose?

What are the real difference between Video chat, Web Chat and the Chatroulette? What is the must fun software in the web for you and what you have to choose?
First you can difference them for historical appearance in the web and for technical/hardware requirement for use them.

The difference between a chatroulette a video chat and a web chat

WEB CHAT is the first software for communicate with people in the Internet using a relative modern PC; they are the most useful software for communicate with other people around the world with a simple 56k Modem or less.
Because of the low speed of Internet connection web chats, when they come out, have only text messages and they don't have sound or video possibility.
With new hardware like Web cams and faster Internet connection the web chat was supported by video chats in the online communication.

VIDEO CHAT: are considered the natural evolution of normal text chat, because they introduced for the first time the video/audio conversation, a big new in the social communication in the web
A lot of people starting buy a web cam and using more powerful Internet connection for have the best communication experience with them; people start loving see and speak to other people far from them, because is more fun than just send text to them.

CHATROULETTE: the chatroulette is a innovative variant of a video chat that help you see random people from all the world, that like you love see and speak with people with a web cam.
If you use a chatroulette you do it for fun and not for have a normal conversation with friends; you use chatroulette for see new people, casual people and you will never know who will be the next.

At conclusion we can say you that Web chat are useful if you use them on mobile phones at moment, if you have a PC you can use Video chat for communicate better with your local or online friends; video chat are good also for make new friends, but if you wanna have a real fun time, chatroulette is the best social chat you can use.

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