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Monday, February 17, 2014

Chatroulette for Android or Apple iOS: try Shake Chat is free!

There is for you a new and fun alternative chat, like chatroulette, you can try for Google Android and Apple iOS, the most used OS in smartphone and tablets.
If you are boring chat only in Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp application may be you are in the right place: we speak you about Shake Chat!

Shake chat is a chatroulette for Android and iOS smartphone and tablet free to use

Shake Chat have an innovative feature: you need to shake your mobile device for see new contacts that you can find in the chat's database.
Then all time you will shake your smartphone or tablet, you will see a new person: a girl or a boy, a women or a men that have a profile and most of time a photo; this is one of most important thing for dating people.

After if you like the profile of the person you have see, you can click on "I Like it" button of application; in this way the person who got the like can get a notification that show him that you like is profile; if this person like you she/he can contact you later, and you can also start chat with him or her.

Shake chat is not a stupid application: for help you find the person you want, you can use different filters for profile selection and see only people that have hobby's, idea, age, gender etc you wanna.
Sadly this application at moment not show you only people that live near you, but is total random location like a chatroulette; you need then a little patience and shake the smartphone or the tablet until you find a girl or a boy you like to contact and may be live in your country or your city.

Dating with Shake Chat for Android and iOS application

Shake Chat have a lot of like from users: over 70% think is a good application and very fun, about 25% think is a ok application but is nor more fun than others, and just only a 5% think the software is not good.
If you wanna try Shake chat and have fun with a mobile chatroulette software, that help you find and may be dating people, download it from Google Play Store for Android or from Apple store Itunes if you have an iPhone or an iPad.

I remember you this chatroulette application is total free and you can use with wifi and mobile 3G connection, have a large database (over 50000 people have it at moment) and work also as a dating chat.

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